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hello friends.

For personal reasons, I am going to take a break from tumblr and most of the internet for a little while.

So if I don’t reply to your thing, it’s because I wasn’t there to see it, not because I don’t care.

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sometimes things are tough but look at this bun


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Chippy Vs Lettuce Prt. 3

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GRENINJA makes a splash!

greninja is gross >_>

Look at that tongue-scarf

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30 Days Art Style Challenge

I wanted to try something new with my art, to get out of my comfort zone. I could not find a good challenge so I made my own. Feel free to try it too! If you have ideas not included here, let me know.

Day 1 - Use only black and white

Day 2 - Use only 4 colors. Blending allowed.

Day 3 - You are not allowed to use the eraser

Day 4 - Use only the tool you never use

Day 5 - You can only use one layer

Day 6 - 15 minutes speedpaint

Day 7 - Do three 5 minutes speedpaints

Day 8 - Use a color palette from http://colorschemedesigner.com/

Day 9 - Draw a character you hate (in a positive way)

Day 10 - On deviantArt: hit “random deviant” and draw the first original character you come across

Day 11 - Draw in the style of an artist you like

Day 12 - Draw the room you’re in

Day 13 - Draw your pet or an animal you like

Day 14 - Pick one color and use only that color (and its different values)

Day 15 -Try this tutorial (or another one you like)

Day 16 - Sketch a bunch of figures (from reference)

Day 17 - Draw a fanart character in the style of another cartoon/movie

Day 18 - Use very contrasting colors

Day 19 - Draw a very sad/depressing mood

Day 20 - Draw something very bright and happy

Day 21 - Draw with really thick lines

Day 22 - Draw a movement, an action pose

Day 23 -Draw a hard perspective angle

Day 24 - Draw something without making a sketch or lineart

Day 25 - Draw a character as closely to the original style as you can

Day 26 - Use a color palette from this website

Day 27 - Draw a scenery

Day 28 - Draw a vehicle and/or a building

Day 29 - Pick one of your old drawings that you used to like and redraw it

Day 30 - You did good! Draw anything you like.

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help i want pet rats!

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what i if told you

you the read first line wrong

same with the second


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Day 1000 - 28 August 2013

No matter if you just started following me yesterday, or since this blog started, I’d like to thank you. 

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